I like him and I see him looking at me, what do I do?

I see him around school often because he hangs around all the people I do, so I hear about him a lot. I am some what interested in him, is he interested in me?

It seems like he smiles at me when I look over and he goes out of his way to be near me. Am I just being silly?


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  • If he really does like u, You should definitively go and talk to him but don't tell him right away that you like him.Instead do as the woman up and use peculiar technique(that only women know how to do) to give him small tips that say "hey dude I'm here waiting for you why won't you come already?"

    If you don't know what I'm talking about just ask me in a comment :)

  • Try chating to him, eye contact hold the gaze, flirt if you are interested she how he reacts if its postive escalate and he should meet you half way..


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