Modest yet sensual look?

What do you all think of a modest yet sensual look? A modest yet sensual look is one that hugs the body but still covers most of the skin; a classic example would be a spandex catsuit. Some of my favorite looks are as follows, starting with intimates:

- Black, navy blue, purple or hot pink fullback patterned / solid panties and full-coverage padded bra (min. 3-hook back closure with underwire or wide band and thick or racer-back straps). Black tights optional.
Modest yet sensual look?
- Purple or blue athletic mesh tee, black or teal / cyan padded sports bra with athletic tights and running shoes.

- Blue button-down shirt / blouse, plaid (or tartan) miniskirt with full-length black tights and Mary Jane shoes.

- Teal, purple or black high-neck, sleeved A-line dress with accessory belt and flats or platform heels.

I've come to realize that compared to bikinis, a lot of one-piece swimsuits (racer-back, leotard-back, halter-neck etc...) and other form-fitting apparel boost a lady's sex appeal and attractiveness without the need to reveal that much skin.

Girls, do any of you like such apparel? If so, what do you like or would like to wear?

Guys, do you like the sensual yet modest look on a girl?


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  • Both of these pictures are just too... bland for me.

    • Don't just base your answer off the pictures, they're just a reference guide! :)

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    • Yeah I'm not one of those girls.

    • That's fine, people are different :)

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  • I like sexy way better!

  • Not my style.


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