How many days should I expect him to wait to text me?

I finally gave this guy my number that I think is cute and he looked happy enough when he got it...but how many days should I expect him to wait to text me if he even plans on it?


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  • Did he ask for your number or did you just give it to him?

    • I gave it to him, he seems shy and I see him staring at me often so I thought why not

    • Well there's the first thing, you pursued him so you're not guaranteed he will text. Next, if he is too shy to ask for your number he is probably too shy to text you. Did you get his number? If so, you should text him first.

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  • if I was the guy in your situation and I was really interested in contacting you back to talk or hang out, I would probably reply on the 2nd or 3rd day. to me, quickly replying shows that he's kinda desperate and 4 days or longer shows that he's not that into it. that's just me. hope this helps.

    • I agree completely thank you a lot for your response, very helpful! By the way he gave me a big grin, do you think that's possibly a good thing or just being polite?

    • Hmm, to me a grin means different things in different situations. but if a girl was to give me her number I would smile back for sure. it all depends on the guy so basically to answer ur questions, its probably both a good thing and being polite or he was just flattered. I wish there were more girls like you, giving guys ur number instead of him waiting to act first. its more fun when both sexes put the same amount of effort.

  • No set number of days if he likes you he will contact you...


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