What do guys like on girls? i.e makeup, hair, clothing...

hair style?

do you like all natural faces (no makeup)? like this: link

natural makeup? like this: link

or heavier makeup? like this: link

most of my guy friends can't tell if a girl is wearing makeup.

clothing? do you like girls in casual clothes (sweatshirt, jeans, baggy shorts, t shirt)

or a more dressy outfit, yet casual, like this: link

im just asking because I've always wondered. every guy I know says, "i like girls who don't wear makeup and wear clothes that make them feel comfortable" like this: link

but I mean, really? because they all tend to go for the girl when they look a little more like this: link



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  • For me it's different for every girl. Some girls don't need makeup. Some girls need makeup. Some girls know how to apply makeup and look really hot with more makeup. As for hair I prefer only straight and down to her ass or at least covering her back.


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  • the casual look girl photo was a candid, and she looks like she was tired or having a bad day. so its really hard to tell. haha. but no. I'm the kind of guy who can go for a girl whos laid back but also dressed up. after all its not how you dress or look that counts, looks fade..personality...doesnt

  • No makeup or concealer at most. T-shirt and jeans (torn is kind of hot) or baggy pants.

  • We prefer nothing, nothing at all...


What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I think that guys like somewhere in between the two extremes. They like to see you "prettied up" with makeup and a cute outfit, but if you go overboard you are going to look like you don't know how to apply makeup or shop. Plus, usually too much makes you look slutty. On the other hand, guys really don't want to see you totally sloppy and uncaring. If you look like you don't even brush your hair in the morning, they are going to think you aren't looking that great (unless you happen to be the few lucky girls who looks like a model no matter what). By taking care of your appearance and giving some thought to what you do with yourself, you are more likely to impress a guy. Natural Makeup is probably best, as it highlights your normal qualities but doesn't make you look like you rolled around in the eyeshadow in order to apply it.

    Also, it depends on who you want to make yourself out to be. If you are a tomboy, then don't put on airs and pretend to be something you aren't. Even though a guy may be more attracted to a bubblegum dress and heels, he's going to feel cheated when he realizes you were faking out. Be honest with yourself: are you really someone who wears stilettos and leggings, or are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal? There are a lot of fish in the sea, and a guy';s preferences will depend on the individual. I know guys who think girls who wear miniskirts are sluts and prefer the ones who have brains rather than boobs hanging out. And then there's the guys who are the opposite, enjoying it when their girl dresses in revealing outfits.

    Just remember: Guys love it when a girl is confident with their own personal style, and as long as you stay away from extremes you will shine :)