You know what's funny?

i've slept with some really hot women, and I mean like seriously hot, for example, heidi klum hot, megan fox hot, not the I'll be nice so I'll tell you you're hot but you're really not, or rate you a 9 on the scale when you're a 2, I'm talking about real 10's of women.

yet occasionally in my life some ugly girls or really fat girls would just flat out tell me they aren't attracted to me. lol

what's the deal?

I'm over it, so you don't have to answer, thanks! =D


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  • Maybe its your personality.

    • Lol my personality? I have no spoken a word to them. lol

    • Okay then its something else. LOL. If these are women you do not know at all then it is something they gather within the first five minutes of being around you- the first impression. Next time ask them what they don't like about you. :)

    • I couldn't careless what they like or don't like, I'm just wondering where's the hate coming from or it's just merely funny how attraction really works, like seriously some ugly people are really not attracted to (sorry to say) a more attractive person. haha oh well, thanks for the input.

  • 1. They are negative and mean so they want to be hurtful to you

    2. They are picking up on the vibe that you're disgusted by them so they react

    3. They could actually not be attracted to you


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