Guys, would you find this cute?

I was talking to this guy I like.

And I kept giggling cause that's what I do when I'm nervous. I didn't SAY that I was nervous though.

So would you think the giggles and occasional high pitched giggle was cute or annoying?

It wasn't constant or anything. But would you guess that it was because I was nervous or think it's cute?


um. it's like the legit

"hehehe" one that's higher pitched than your normal laugh. the cliche giggle.


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  • Giggling is probably the most common reaction to being nervous in such a situation so I'd know that you were nervous, but I wouldn't hold it against you.

    But like ICallItAsISeeIt said, I'd have to hear you giggle to know if it was cute or not.

    • Is there any way I can know if he was nervous too? I'm so bad at telling that stuff.

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    • Thanks! I'm so shy but he's so cute and he's got a great personality. I'm so down on myself though so I always convince myself they don't like me.

    • Hope for the best, expect the worst.

      Don't be insecure, that's very unattractive, be yourself and be relaxed.

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  • Well that depends on the guy,most of us find it cute if girls giggle or smile to us!

    Though some wierdo guys find it annoying.

    if the guys next time talks to you with the sme interest after seeing you giggle then he like it,

    but if he avoids you or doesn't seem to be interested then he found it annoying,

    but I think a sweet girl like you must have a cute giggle and I am sure guys must find it nice! :)

  • Cute, because girls rarely find me attractive enough to giggle nervously

  • a normal guy loves attention like laughing at little jokes or something

    but if you seem to fake laugh at something or his humor constantly it might get annoying I guess

    maybe tell him you were nervous next time or tell him you do that when your nervous ( make a joke about it talking later or something) he most likely wasn't annoyed by it

    • That's what I did. I laughed at him being cute and jokey I mean. not fakely.

    • Oh okay well he probably thought it was cute then no worries

  • as long as you're being yourself ans being natural, it always turns out for the best.

    that aside, I would actually have to hear you giggle to know how I feel about it, but that still doesn't mean anything as he could feel different about it.

  • incredibly cute.

  • haha well id probably think it was cute but it really depends on your date just ask em bout it sometime like "i hope my giggles didn't annoy you, I was soo nervous smileyface hah " after the datee or somethin

    • It wasn't a date.

      we were just flirting at the sports place we both go to.

    • Well whatever it was. just sometime ur talkin to em let em know you giggle when ur nervous and let em know you don't want it to bother him

  • I would find it cute. I love it when girls giggle and laugh when you're talking to them about anything. It shows they accept you.

  • Maybe anoying or maybe cute depends if he likes you or juts a personal preference some people like it some dont, look at his face and expressions how did he react was he smiling or did he turn away from you, body and face...


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