What colour should I highlight my hair?

Ok, so I've decided to get some hi lites on my hair, but I'm having a hard time deciding what colours. I'm an asian girl with dark brown hair and pale skin. my hair is also slightly wavy as it's a little past my shoulders. I'm thinking of getting 2 colours done. I don't want to do anything drastic, but more of a natural look.

any suggestions?


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  • Go to a wig store and find one to your hair color;now take that same wig and look for complimentary colors, ones that you are drawn to. Now you know the mannequins they

    use for the wigs? Put your dark one on and hold the other one(or ones)throughout the hair.

    What do you think? The mannequin is pale, granted they are actually more white, but you

    get the jest. Can't find a wig store, get the crayon box out, go to Sally's for color ideas, but

    be careful listening to the clerks. One almost ruined my hair. Use your common sense,

    even go to a hairstylist for ideas, look on line where you can summit your picture and they

    can do the color matching. I would still stay within the dark tones, just go slightly lighter-

    this would give it a natural look and still enhance your pale color. Good Luck!


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  • Red (a dark red - no beige), rich brown, black with honey highlights. Try using Hi-Light Styliste in toasted almond. You can try black with blonde streaks - I know an asian girl that has naturally dark hair and she just got in blonde highlights for grad, she looked amazing!

    The best color here is Red.

  • caramel browns and coppers

    • Lol a lot of people disagreed with me but as a girl who's mam is a hair dressers and so are all my cousins well if its natural highlights you want golden browns,caramel brown and coppers are your best bet ! if it wasn't so natural I would say d

      golden blondes,honey blondes,coppers(goes better than brown with blondes)and caramel browns this might sound a lot of colors but its what I have it my hair and it looks a lot more natural because the colors blend well together when done by a good hair dresser

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