Question about eye contact when greeting?

A coworker who has been avoiding looking at me for 4 years now has finally come around.

Before he would glance at me very quickly when saying hi..then look to the side.

After a couple of conversations with him recently, now when he says hi he looks right at my eyes with a small smile before looking down (of course ;-)). Does this mean he's interested? Or just finally comfortable around me?


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  • He is interested - maybe before when he couldn't look at you it was because he liked you and was embarrased to show it. He may have gained some confidence.

    When he looks at you next into the eyes - give him a big smile :-)

    he may melt onto the floor - he will either look away (usually down), smile back or go red. all of these are a good sign he likes you.

    Youll know if he doesn't like you ..

    • Thanks for your answer, I will see what happens next time :-)

    • He chose the "go red"...although it was more a shade of purple :-)

What Girls Said 1

  • Both. This guy is interested and now comfortable around you. Apparently, this guy is very shy. Continue to talk to him if you are interested. If you are interested in him maybe you two can hang out one day.

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