Girls, How weird is it if a guy wants to wear a thong?

I'm just curious what women think of men who may want to trying wearing thongs to bed.

Do you think it's weird?

Do you think it's gay?

Do you think he is comfortable with his sexuality?

Do you notice them when you sleep, or are the basically unnoticeable?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't associate a thong on a guy as either gay or not, but it's weird and it shows poor taste in clothing at the very least. I'd find it a turnoff.

  • Yeah I think it's weird and as soon as i hear "guy wearing a thong" I automatically think he's gay, I wouldn't know if he's comfortable with his sexuality or not, some people can fake it very well, and I have never slept with someone on a thong, I normally sleep with them naked lol actually my ex I think he had a thing for male thongs, he mentioned it a few times but I always managed to get that idea out of his head, it'd have been a big turn off for me