Girls, Silly but Important Bra Question !!😀?

Ok so I admit being ignorant and less knowledgeable on this topic but I have to ask. I have been measured 32C by fitting experts. I notice that I never get any cleavage with normal padded bras or T-shirt bras, not even a little! Is my size too small? Or cleavage is obtained only by special push ups or plunge bras. Please do help and answer so that I may come out of my insecure shell 😣
P. S: I am a petite girl. 5'2", 50 kgs, measurements: 34.5,24.5,35".


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  • Assuming 24.5 is the underbust and 34.5 or 35 is the bust, you need something more like a 26G or GG. Most people wear an incorrect bra size because store fitters refuse to or don't know the correct way to size people and because the store they are at may not carry a modern range of sizes. An average/healthy weight person with medium sized breasts is not a 34C like in the old, outdated sizing. They are really around 28-32 DD-FF when sized correctly.

    People wearing 32DDs correctly:

    I highly recommend measuring yourself and looking for an independent bra boutique or online for bra in your correct size.

    • Thank you for your answer. My underbust is 28 inches, 24.5 inches was my waist size, sorry for the confusion.

    • Ok, so that puts you at about a UK 28F or 30E if you want to size up for comfort. That's 2 cup sizes up from your 32C. Are the wires all the way up in your underbreast crease (where the tissue ends underneath) and do you scoop all your breast tissue from the sides forward into the cups? I used to wear 34C/32D and when I learned about doing those 2 things I realized my bras were too small in the cup and too large in the band. I now wear 30F or FF.

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  • Difficult to tell without a pic. The form of your breast may influence that. Why not go to the shop and tell them the same story and then they can advice you the correct bra type.

    • The funny thing is I can get a reasonably good cleavage if I use my hands (if you know what I mean!!) and this thing confuses me.

  • The shape of your ribcage and breasts determines whether you will have cleavage. I got a BA, and I had to have a certain type of implant to even be able to have cleavage. A good pushup can work wonders, but it still depends on your body shape.

    • Sorry BA?

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    • If you can do that, then a pushup should help you a lot. Pre-BA I couldn't get any cleavage at all, even with a pushup.

    • Ok thanks a lot for your help and time!