My Secret is out, but what to do now? (sensitive question, please be considerate)?

I want to be a crossdresser in the future, not the drag queen as such, just a man who wears womens' clothes. A nice realistic wig would be good, too, but not going further than that. It's been hard, but i've collected (purchased) a few things which i'm comfortable in and fit well like skirts and leggings and pink tshirts, just the kind of things i like on a lady.
I have this suitcase where I "hide" my stuff but earlier in the day, my parents were having a look in my room and looked in the suitcase (i found the pockets open, they had seen them)
but they haven't said anything to me. This was about 2 in the afternoon its 1AM now.
I wasn't planning on telling anybody yet but this just happened today and I need to know what to do now. I trust everyone to be accepting of what I am which isn't gay im perfectly straight, i just like playing dress up in my room and hope to one day take it public. no rude comments.
p. s if anyone here has had a sensitive secret exposed and is okay with sharing that will help also.


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  • Maybe wait until they say something? If you want to tell them though before they ask that is your choice. I dont think crossdressers are bad. There was this famous director many years ago named Ed Wood Jr. who wore womens clothes but was straight. It was just one way to express himself. You gotta do you.


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  • Don't worry about it. You're an adult, and if your parents are sensible individuals (I guess they are), they won't be judgmental about it.

    • My Dad is one man who is pretty loud and opionated and in my family in general there really is a lot of careless talk in that they joke laugh and not consider my feelings

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  • You should wait until your parents mention it one day. Once they ask you, you can explain to them the situation. They are probably right now trying to figure everything out but if they haven't figured it out then you shouldn't worry about it.

  • You do you man...

  • I'd wait till I felt ready to 'come out,' I guess you can say.
    When YOU feel you are ready.


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