Are these signs that he's nervous?

When we talked he always had this little smile on his face. And he'd look at me then to the floor. And he took a few second pauses during our conversation. And he rubbed the inside of his arm like fidgeting.

When I left I told him to tell me to tell me next time he was gonna be where we were and he got a big smile and looked down and was like "okay" but he didn't ask for my number or anything.

Shy? Nervous? Eh?


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  • Yeah sounds like it shy nervous


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  • He is most definitively nervous. Especially the looking at the ground part, I do that too.

    • Aw.

      so you think he likes me? do you think that's why he didn't ask?

      is the fact that he waved back good? or just being polite?

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    • Baah.

      the thing that makes me doubt it at all is the fact that I HAVE him the chance.

      i was like you should tell me next time you're gonna be here and all he did was smile and look at the ground and say "okay"

    • Anyhow, good luck with that!

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  • definately nervous!

    which most likely means he likes you!

    i don't know if that's good or bad to you but he's totally tripping on words fer you!


    • You thiink?

      i feel like he would have asked for my number though!

      i waved to him though and he waved back. <3

    • Well if he's nervous do you really think he's have th courage to ask for your number?

      and waving seem like a good sign!!

      good luck! lol =D