Do you think a long hairstyle l like this on a guy is attractive?

I want to grow mine just like that with the beard But don't want to be mistaken as gay
Do you think a long hairstyle l like this on a guy is attractive?

  • Yes sexy asf
  • Nah looks gay asf
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Most Helpful Girl

  • That looks bad.

    • I think you might be jealous I will have longer hair than you.

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    • Nah, I don't comfort people. I just throw mud at them and laugh.

    • Well it's people like that needs comforting the most :p. Did you know laughter is a common expression of crying?

Most Helpful Guy

  • One thing I've learned is if you have to ask don't do it. Doing things out of the norm requires that you present yourself with confidence. If you can't feel calm normal and confident in it you won't ever look like that guy. Or at least no one will see you like that guy.

    • Yeah that's true, I've pulled off hair long the length up to my nose before and felt fine. I did get a few stares and comments here and there. That's why I'm thinking about an upgrade. Plus it's a new look i think it better suits me

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  • İf a man vote this a, it should mean gay asf?

    • I dunno for some reason when I look at it I just visualise Jesus. And then think of the Bible and then think it just can't be gay

    • ahahaaha :D

  • Yeah sexy asf nohomo

  • Yeah go for it! It's a lot of work compared to short hair but totally worth it