Would this be a good start to a Mei cosplay (from overwatch)?

I'm new to cosplay but there is a comic con coming up in 3 weeks and I want to build a costume! I'm in love with overwatch so I thought Mei would be a good choice. Would these be a good "base" to start from?

Would this be a good start to a Mei cosplay (from overwatch)?
I found all three online for cheap!!! Will this work?


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  • that looks really warm

    • yeah I purposefully picked the blue coat because it had this goose down in it which makes it seem really puffy... the pants are insulated too, let's hope the comic con is air conditioned!!!

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  • The boots are okay, the trousers and the jacket are off, especially the jacket. Mei's jacket is mostly white with blue accents - that coat is completely blue, the only real similarity is the fur cuff. It'll work for a quick cosplay but it isn't really much like the costume.

    • Thanks! I was thinking of adding white fabric on top to accent it making it closer to the real thing, but you are right it's mostly white with blue accents, than blue with white accents. I just found a good deal on this one lol...

    • If you add the white fabric, then I'm sure it'll work :) The trousers ideally should be darker than the bright blue, more like a navy but you could always add bright fabric to a pair of generic navy trousers to make trousers similar to the costume.