I really want to be tan.

I really want to be tan. Not orange or wrinkly skin or black just a light tan. I have very light skin and the sun seems to bring the white out even more. I'm planning to use sun love self tanner but my boyfriend likes how white I am. He thinks its unique but I really don't like it. I've wanted to become tan even before we starting dating. I want to make myself happy and have more confidence which using the tanner will do. Or from using the tanner ill realize I am pretty with ou it. On the other side I don't want him to be disappointed in me for using the tanner.

idk what to do. please help!


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  • have you tried the self tanning moisturizers on the market? there are creams and stuff, just make sure you blend well and let it dry out evenly.

    • I have tried them and I turn orange. I have redish hair and so I don't tan. not sure why tht is. but its also why if I don't use a good self tanner I trun orange.

  • ok I have almost the same problem, I'm very pale and I wished I was tan...but DONT use a self tanner...they streak really badly and make you look orange...so if its what you really want get a proffesional spray tan...not any home self tanner sh*t!