Girls, high top white conserve or low white converse for outfit with jeggings?

What would look best? Telling you I'm a guy will probably help a lot but yes I do wear jeggings. Why? I like them and they fit extremely well :P Say what you want about a guy wearing them, I'm just looking for some opinions on the converse.

This weekend I'm going out with a GIRL, yes I'm straight, and yes she know I wear girls jeans and she has always suggested that I get white converse. I always like the looked of them with jeggings but thought is was too matching with how a lot of girls dress but I really don't care so I'm getting a pair. I haven't told her and want to just show up wearing them but I don't know if I should get the high top ones or the low ones?

This is what I'm wearing.

Even though these are the super skinny jeans, I will be wearing exactly these except in the jeggings form so they're tighter but still a tad lose at my ankles

And this is the exact shirt

I ended up getting a pair of both lol


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  • OMG!!! Get both!! Yeaaa jeggings are for girl but there are some guys that look so hot in them especially when I can tell theyre clearly girls jeans XD. It really helps if you have long skinny legs though. And I suggest you give combat boots a try!!! Theyre the best thing to wear with jeggings in my opinion. More guys should wear them! Id love to see a picture of you in jeggings tho

  • Are you gay?
    Well i think high tops would suit well

    • No I'm not lol. I'm just a guy that can fit into jeggings extremely well and look natural XD

    • Kinda curious, what would you really suggest is something really good I could wear with jeggings?

  • The ones you posted look alright to me.