What would you think about someone wearing athletic shoes around?

I wear my athletic sneakers everywhere pretty much (uni, and around) and I have heard that woman look at your shoes a lot as it shoes ur character and if you take care of yourselves
So what would think about someone wearing athletic sneakers, even with jeans and shorts


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  • I'm similar and dress casual everywhere (typically jeans and t-shirt) and always sneakers (even in night clubs). I've not found it has much effect on my ability to draw female attention.

    That said, the image I found I needed to cultivate most to attract girls was kind of funny, easy-going, jackass, easy to approach, sometimes outright goofy, confident but more in a "I don't give a damn and just here to party" kind of way. If I can get a bunch of girls laughing and guys wanting to hang out with me, I'm good.

    It's not like "suave, debonair, wealthy, serious." I tried that dressing up in very expensive clothes before and found it doesn't really work for the kind of character and image I pull off best.

    • As a point on this subject about shoes (and hopefully not coming off as a boast), I went to a night club called 911 Black one time here in Tokyo with a couple of my female friends. We were joking and walked in arm-in-arm while I'm dressed in cheap clothing and sneakers.

      It was an expensive club with drinks costing $10+. When I entered I saw all these guys in suits looking very sharp with their briefcases and fancy shoes and just kind of standing around looking cool and sharp.

      I went to the dance floor and started doing stupid dance moves with my two female friends and had lots of the girls in the club actually approaching me that night. It got to the point where the guys there were asking me how I do it. I said, "I don't know, I'm just here to party and started dancing with the other girls!"

      So that's perhaps one situation that somewhat defies this idea that girls judge you so much based on the shoes you're wearing. I think these sayings are always worth taking with a grain of salt.

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    • >> Those girls were drunk xD

      Yeah, quite a bit. But I was definitely the poorest-looking guy in the whole club with dirty-looking sneakers. I think walking in with the two attractive female friends of mine (they weren't girlfriends) helped me look more fun and approachable.

      That night was kind of ridiculous -- I usually didn't get so much female attention. It got to where two drunk girls fought over me when I was going home and entered the taxi. It was the closest time in my life that I felt like a star, and I had the cheapest-looking clothes in there.

      Main point I wanted to make is that maybe shoes aren't *that* important.

    • I'm married now so can't have those types of wild nights anymore (though I still dress the same way), but as another example I have a friend who is a surfer. He's not the best-looking and often wears cheap t-shirts often with little holes in them and sneakers. Actually he looks like kind of a slob overall. And his attitude is also "I don't give a damn" but he's not really into partying so much -- it's more completely apathetic. But he somehow gets a lot of game. He also seemed to cultivate this perfect character and image of someone who just loves surfing and pretty much doesn't care about anything else.

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  • nothing in particular they're comfy... i wear them too

  • Honestly, nothing at all.


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  • Not a good look past uni in my personal opinion, boots work in the same situations and add a touch of maturity. I cringe when i see 40+ year olds wearing sneakers and jeans.

    If you must wear sneakers don't wear athletic ones, but canvas ones like Adidas or Lacoste.

  • Dude, unless I have to dress up, I wear athletic shoes all the time, but I'm athletic anyway. I still wear a lot of skate shoes.
    I still have some Sperrys from the frat days and some flip flops.
    Nothing wrong with athletic shoes.
    Besides, with feet my size, athletic shoes are easier to find in my size.

  • I do the same thing unless it requires dress shoes

    • Yup same, do u think they are you different?

    • I wear basketball shoes and they are me

  • They are athletic people