Guys which style and fashion sense on a girl do you prefer? Girls which style and fashion sense on a girl would you want to emulate?

Girl A.

Girl A is kind of tomboish. She wears baggy jeans, sweat pants, shirts that are not really colorful or feminine. She almost never wears a dress or any other type of feminine outfit.

Girl B.

Girl B dress very feminine. She likes to wear dresses, skirts, and designer skinny jeans. She wears bright colors and expecially pink. She always makes sure she looks feminine and cute.

Girl C.

Girl C loves to wear bright colors with black leather. She will wear outfits like a colorful red dress paired with a black leather biker jacket. Sometimes she will wear a leather skirt or leather pants with a bright colored blouse. She likes dressing feminine, but she likes to add a litte edge to her outfit.

  • I like girl A.
  • I like girl B.
  • I like girl C.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think a mix of all of them is perfect. I enjoy jeans and a Tee, dresses and skirts, but I also love black and spikes.
    Though through all the different styles I prefer neutral colours.


Most Helpful Guy

  • doesn't matter its all an how she carries herself


What Girls Said 1

  • girl A or C... B sounds annnoying


What Guys Said 1

  • A mix of A and B.

    • Don't like girl c.

    • I'm not really into leather pants/skirts.