Why do young girls feel that they have to dress sexy, and do sexy things to receive attention(sending naughty pics,talking dirty)? WHATS WRONG WITH BEING CLASSY.. DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOURSELVES! Did you know that turning someone down for sex is sexy.. why do you have to be so EASY to get in?

I wanna here from some of the young girls that's under 17


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  • I agree. I think it begins in pop culture. Think about the major female celebrities young girls have had in the past decade. Paris Hilton (her sex tape), Miley Cyrus (search her name in Google and look at the first image!) and Lady Gaga (dresses promiscuously)

    Look at the song lyrics we hear on the radio 24/7.

    "Baby, I be stuck to you like glue!"

    "Damn girl, your so fine!"

    "How can I say this without being disrespectful. Damn girl you're a sexy bitch! A SEXY BITCH!"

    What literature do young girls read nowadays? Twilight. The protagonist Bella allows Edward to repeatedly abuse her, doing things such as forcing her to stay in her house, stealing her car keys, not letting her see her friends and attempting to terminate her pregnancy.

    So with a mix of all of the above, pop culture has made it "okay" for girls to act sexy and promiscuous. Maybe if we had better role models and more appropriate music, girls wouldn't want to act this way.

    Also, your avatar is kind of ironic.


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  • Should this not apply to all women, and not just the young ones? Although younger minds are more easily manipulated, so they have more of an excuse than anyone. These kinds of behaviors definitely get the most attention, granted it is more or less the kind of attention, they find out too late, that they don't want. Some people just want to feel appreciated and validated, and go about things the wrong way. I'm guessing if such people had better role models, especially in the home, it would be far less an issue.

  • That's what I've been thinking. I just don't express myself about this issue because other guys usually assume I'm gay and stuff. The truth is, I like to court. I wish it were back to the old ways but I gues that will never happen. You can litterally make out with someone nowadays, and not even know their name.

  • Did you know women can express themselves sexually not just to attract attention but because they just like doing it? Women are sexual creatures and they enjoy it just as much as we do but they feel they have to hide otherwise they're "not respecting themselves". Only now are women really starting to shake free of these obsolete concepts. It's perfectly feasible for a woman to both respect herself and enjoy sexual contact without making him jump through a bunch of hoops.

    Now I don't think they'res anything wrong with waiting to have sex or being selective about who you do it with. Don't get me wrong. If that's what you want to do by all means. But this is the kind of talk that stigmatizes girls for wanting the same thing we all want. Just because you have a problem with it doesn't automatically make it wrong. Women should feel free to chose how they enjoy sex. If it's in a committed relationship with a partner, more power to you. If not they shouldn't have to be embarrassed about it.


    the list goes on,

    its because they receive the influence from the system around them


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  • some girls/ women don't like doing it and some do.Some want to have the guy work for them and some are ok with nothing in return for dressing provocatively. Sometimes they just do that because they don't feel confident or want to know that they are attractive so they go through those means. Some do not do it because they want respect. Understanding both viewpoints is important and helps you understand why there are those 2 scenarios-those who dress sexy/ try too hard or those who dress conservative.

  • I agree completely that girls should have self respect, and from a very young age I knew I should respect myself. I didn't have anyone to talk to about respect or anything really as I was growing up, but I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders. So yeah, not all young girls are easily influenced. I always knew who I wanted to be and never changed that. I still respect myself in the same way and have always felt lucky to be the way I am despite the people around me and how they have acted throughout my life.

  • it think probably because of the media, and society period!

    i remember in 8th grade being called gross because I was a virgin, and then throughout highshool being called a liar because of it!

    i saved it for one guy and wev been together since we were 16 I was a virgin till 17

    im not gonna lie I did and still do wear lowcut shirts every once in awhile, but I don't exactly do it to be slutty, I don't bend over infront of dudes with my t*ts all in there face

  • I agree to an extent, but what you think is easy, may not be for another.

    Sex is not as precious as it used to be, and and what used to be easy (sex before marrige) is now accepted in society.

    Teens, as they always have been, are rebelious. They are not stupid, and they either know, or will soon find out, the reactions that come along with their actions.

    It's not your life they are living so who are you to judge them and say what they are doing is wrong?

    • Plus, your profile pic is kinda contradictory to your question.

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    • I didn't judge anyone..im simply asking a question

      plz feel free to reread


      ...sounds a little judgmental to me.

  • OMG I love you

    i think the same thing. a lot of girls nowadays haven't learned the art of being a lady. I'm not saying be boring and asexual but hello, less is more! they want attention and feel that it will make them liked but I guess they haven't learned ALL ATTENTION AINT GOOD ATTENTION. I had a lot of guy friends when I was younger and I used to feel bad for the slutty girls they used...they thought just because they can make a guy horny that they can get his heart which is not the case. men respect women who respect themselves. you have to have some standards. a lot of guys will have fun with an easy girl but when it comes to taking that girl serious they will think, well if it was so easy for me to get it, how easy was it for the rest of the guys? also no man wants to wife a girl who all his friends have been with.

    we all have sexual desires but you should respect yourself enough to be more selective about who you sleep with and not just give it away to a guy just for his approval and attention