Do girls find compliments creepy?

One girl got her hair done and I was debating whether to tell her it looked nice but I was afraid she would think I'm a creeper. I actually like her, thin she's cute and everything but I was just wondering if she would find it creepy


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  • NOTE :: Before I have girls and guys thumbing me down, make sure to read the bottom half of this answer as well.

    You're the nice guy and it shows..but if you like her and want to be with her, you're gonna need to stop complimenting peoples' looks and start acting on your attraction. That's a completely separate topic that I won't go into here, if you want me to help then you'll need to message me.

    For the mean time, women that hear compliments from a stranger usually think that the guy is either:

    - Hitting on them / Flirting with them

    - Trying to start a conversation because they are shy

    - Genuinely just being a creeper


    NONE of those are good ways to go about a compliment. 9/10 times that I've given girls compliments, they don't take it seriously until I force the issue (... "No.. seriously your gorgeous!" *smile*...)

    - So what that means, is why should you feed her compliments that she will barely be flattered by (if at all) and then end up in the friend zone? You shouldn't.. It's okay to compliment a girl, but don't compliment her looks, compliment something else... Here's an example:

    You: "Jessica, I like the way you styled your hair."

    You: "Jessica, the fact that you added shadows to your hair really compliments your eyes."

    But DONT stop there if you like her. Being as you're the nice guy, it's probably hard for you to be fun with teasing/bantering/flirting... But a simple way for the "nice guy" to continue the conversation, is just add an opinion opener. Here's the second example + the first example:

    You: "Jessica, the fact that you added shadows to your hair really compliments your eyes."

    + The opinion opener:

    You: "i was thinking about a haircut. What kind of hairstyle do you think would look better on me?"

    It keeps the conversation simple, making it less awkward for both of you, more fun for her (she can actually voice her opinion unlike most other d-bags that don't care), and you get the advice from a woman of what looks good.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • It honestly depends on her personality. Most girls that I know of would think that you were hitting on them, flirting, or something along those lines. Some girls actually appreciate compliments though and don't misinterpret them as being creepy.

    I would say this. If she seems like a laid back and sweet girl, go for it and tell her. If she's more on the preppy/snobby side, I would hold off if you really like her.

    • Shes REALLY flirty with almost every guy she know so I would think it would okay...

    • Tell her then. I would assume it's okay too. I'm really flirty with every guy I know, too (just in a friendly way). All girls that I know that are like this aren't creeped out when guys give them compliments, including me. So from personal experience, I would say don't hold back from complimenting her.

    • How can you flirt in a friendly way, lol

  • i think it depends... I'm one of those girls who would find it creepy if I didn't really know you. I wouldn't mind if a friend or acquaintance complimented me, but I'd be a bit turned off if it came from a stranger.

    • Well she's a co=-wroker, we talk all the time...and she's asked me to walk her out to her car so I'm sure I'm not like a stranger to her.

    • Then I say go for it =] good luck!

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