What makeup should I wear?

What makeup would look good on me? I have a sort of tan complexion and EXTREMELY HUGE curly brown hair, also really big brown eyes. what sort of makeup should I wear and what colors? also, do guys like girls who look like that, like with really big hair? and my boobs are really really tiny, do guys want them big?


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  • I can't really offer a lot of help because I don't ACTUALLY have a picture to work with but I can try my best. For the face area, wear Bare Escentuals foundaiton in medium tan. The product is natural and blends really well. Blush is a must because it structures your face and contour the cheeks. Mally beauty has a shimmer shape and glow that will help contour your cheeks and add a pop of color to the cheeks. Try wearing it in Peach deeper. I notice that peach makes tan skin glow more. For the eyes, try wearing a dark brown with shimmer in it. This is an everyday look but can be make into an evening smokey look by adding a liquid liner on top. Mally Beauty has a smokey eye kit in brownstone which is the perfect brown but doesn't look plain. Also try playing up purples and blues this will make the brown eyes pop more. Use black mascara and light brow on the bottom lashes. Try purple and green undertones to make the brown eyes seem lighter and bigger (its awesome that you have big eyes because it'll be more attractive and you'll grasp the lighter shades). Use a brown eye pencil and apply it to your bottom lid and blend it with your eyeshades. You wll get that smoky look blended with lighter tones. Make sure you don't apply a tons of mascara though, your lashes will clump and your eyes will look dull. For the lips try a nude lip for the day. Mally Beauty has a lipgloss that will look good on tan skin without it being washed out called b-sexy. And for someting different try a berry shade lipgloss or lipstick. Another thing I like to do is add an allover face color to the face. Bare Escentuals has a tropical radiance that will make the face appear more bright and healthy.

    I don't see why guys won't like a girl with curly brown hair. Lots of guys love a girl with thick, curly hair as oppose to a girl with straight here. Then again, that depends on the guy and his likes and dislikes. As far as the "boob-talk" goes - that also depends on the guy. Some guys love them big, other like them small. Its all about proportion. I'll be honest though, I think majority of the guys prefer bigger package. you knw? In any case, just be yourself and don't overthink the senario of bigger boobs or big hair. I am sure you are an amazing looking person. Its all about confident.

    I hope my tips helped. Probably not the best ones but give'em a shot.


  • you sound exactly like me! I have huge hair but I strengthen it everyday cause I'm scared guys won't like it and I feel more pretty that way. I wear kinda tan eye shadow with dark on the crease of the eye and brown eyeliner that's shiny and then you rub it in so it doesn't make your eyes look so hard.hope this helps cause I like the makeup look on me so if you are how you say it should look really pretty on you 2.

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