Makeup tips for Asian model?

I am going to use a Korean friend of mine as a model for a fashion photography contest I'm doing. I want to do her makeup and am not sure how to go about it as her features and coloring are different than mine. What colors/ techniques can I use to make her gorgeous features pop?

I really want to use bright colors and was thinking along the lines of hot pink lipstick, what color eyeshadow should I use?


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  • well I don't know much about makeup but one tip I can give you is to not put on too much

    • Actually since it's a fashion picture, and because she is going to be on camera, more is....more. so if you don't know anything about makeup, don't waste my time.

    • You were going to read this question anyway so I don't know how I'm wasting your time. but whatever floats your boat lol

    • I would rather have read *helpful* question.

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  • Well depends on the type of clothes really.

    I find with Asian skin tone you can probably get away with more than you could with my own (very fair) where bright colours are concerned if that's what you want to go for.

    But, natural colours, like pink (even hot pink) don't tend to look so good.

    Maybe a yellow or blue - depending on the clothes.

    Black, dark purples and very dark reds also work really well on the lips.

    As for eyes, dark liner, exaggerated, yellows, greens, or blues, again depending on the clothes.

    If I was you, I'd go for one statement feature, so a bright/bold eye, and a more subtle lip, or the other way.

    Remember the basics fist, do a base coat of natural looking make-up, then put the extra on top of that. But without seeing the clothes or the backdrop of the shoot it's hard to say.