How to make a white dress shirt look less formal?

Hey you guys. I have a white relatively tight dress shirt that I want to incorporate into my everyday outfits, but I think it looks waay to formal with the outfits I choose. Sometimes it even makes me look like a waitress.

Do you have any ideas as to how to wear it and make me look like less of a waitress / office girl?


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  • Leave it untucked and unbuttoned at the top and throw a white tank underneath. Pair a jeans of a skirt. You are good to go!

  • wear it with jeans open over another top.
    tie it at the bottom into a bow of some kind
    or with legoman trousers/ dungarees

    i'm sure they are manythings just have to have a play around

    • depends on how comfortable and dearing you're with what you will and won't wear

  • You could wear it without ironing I guess. And don't button the top last button on the collar (used with the tie only) . Viola that would be less formal. Ah one more thing don't keep the shirt inside the trousers. Keep them out like the t-shirt

  • cut off the sleeves, that will make it less formal.


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