Girls, how much hair should a guy have?

ThisGirls, how much hair should a guy have?
Or this

I ask because I myself have a six pack but I'm debating waxing my chest. I have the same olive skin tone as Ronaldo but I don't know if having a hairless chest would look good or not.

  • Whatever is natural
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  • Full body wax
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  • Only remove hair on chest and back
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  • Only remove hair if you have a great body
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  • There's nothing worse than getting a carpet burn on your chest from your boyfriend's chest stubble. Waxing just produces millions of ingrown hairs. Much as I like to squeeze them, enough is enough.

  • "Should" is subjective and hard to say. Either of these look fine to me.

  • Whatever is natural to them. They both look good either way!


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