What are some things you find yourself adoring about the opposite sex?

Guys - What are some things your girlfriends or women you've like have done that just made you fall in love, or something totally random that you thought was really cute!

Girls - Same thing; what are some simple things your guys did that just made you smile? :)

For example: My boyfriend thinks I look so hot when I come home from the gym with my hair up all sweaty in shorts and a sports bra! ..but I think I look horrible =P haha.

Whenever my ex was thinking really hard, or studying he'd bite his lip and sort of furrow his brow. I don't know why but I just thought it was so cute!


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  • Even though I love it when she gets all hot and sexy, I think she's the most beautiful when she doesn't try: jeans and tight white t-shirt. And she has such cute feet... I could look at them forever, especially when she has a really cute French pedicure. Hair in a ponytail... delicious.


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  • 1) When she looks at me, with the love she has for me in her eyes.

    2) When she helps me without saying a word.

    3) When she includes herself without me inviting her, as long as it's respectful of me

    4) When they are having a blast dancing, smiling and dancing to the music

    5) When she squirms from when I tickle her, saying "stop ittttttt" flirtatiously

    6) When we play wrestle, and she only becomes slightly upset.

    7) When she dresses up really cute, just for me.

    8) When she spends her effort to look good in general, for me.

    9) When she remembers something I thought she wouldn't

    10) When we have a kiss that is perfect

    11) When we can argue but not target each other

    12) When we can tease and flirt together

    13) When we can laugh at eachother's jokes (the ones that are actually funny)

    14) When we are shy towards each other (it's cute.)

    15) When we stand infront of our families on our wedding day.

    16) When we support our children through our lives

    17) When we fight through REALLY hard times, to know we love each other that much more.

    18) When we watch our children get married, reminding us of our own love and mistakes

    19) When we have grandchildren, and repeat the process all over again

    20) When we grow old together.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Thinking about grandchildren at 20?


    • Of course!..but then I realised our son would be a pedophile. We raised him better than that! ;)

    • Awww that's really sweet :)

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  • My guy does that cutest thing ever, in whatever he is doing, it can all of a sudden come this cute, a bit funny face, with example like raicing an eyebrow even them both, or the tip of his tongue can all of a sudden be showed on his lip, its so hilarious cute!

    And at that moment of seeing it, I am so sure that I love him more than ever before + a little bit more ;)