Why do people do this hypocritical stuff?

Why is it when anybody else uses a filter on their picture everybody just appreciates it, and compliments it. But it's a big deal and problem if I use a filter? Like seriously it's weird.


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  • I don't like any filters, or photo editing. I'd rather see exactly what the camera saw. The only time a filter or editing becomes appropriate is when something is deliberately done for art, like sepia or turning colours off to give black and white.

    • The camera does not capture what u look like exactly to a tee. So even a non filter pic is not accurate, if u are talking about u want to see the real them u would see in person.

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    • Oh, yes. I agree. A camera doesn't tell the truth, but adding filters or editing just compounds the errors, unless you are very careful.

      For me, it's like a hi-fi music system. You spend a fortune to get the reproduction closest to the real thing, so why not go to concerts/festivals/gigs instead.

    • I can''t answer your question as I have no idea why.

  • I suppose it is because people enjoy misfortune of others. There is a phenomenon known as feeling joy from misfortune of others. It is prevalent among people


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  • Some people are just ridiculous.