Guys, what do you look for?

Guys what do you look for when your looking for a serious relationship and not just a fling? What attracts you, physically and personality wise...

And how would you prove to her that your looking for a serious relationship...


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  • Well in my personal case, I've never had a fling. So if you I actually put in an effort to pursue you its because I see as a person I wanna be with. Physically I look for mostly eyes and lips, I meant if you're slim that's great, if you're a little chuncky that's fine but body can change, eyes stay the same plus they are "the window to the soul" . Personality wise, I look for a girl who's real. She confident with herself no matter what. She needs a sense of humor and not afraid to be playful (but not slutty)


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  • i really enjoy a girl with a really good humourous attitude and being cute or extremely hot doesn't hurt either . Like the last girl I dated I loved her to death because she was a fine little italian that would play call of duty with me and at school secrectly poke fun of poeple together(meaning no harm you know) we just had a real friendship. And I guess that is the most important thing I think of is can I have fun with this girl all the time. I just love it when the relationship deosnt even have to envolve sex for it to be good. I've had plenty relationships built on sex and this last one finally helped me realize what to look was still awesome, but she went on to law school at UGA and hopefully I will be there next year but it will probably be UNC for me.

  • Physically, her face and smile. Personality wise, as long as she's got a good one and has a heart of gold, she's a keeper to me. As for letting her know I was looking for a serious relationship, I'd let her know that I wasn't only interested, but really interested-in a non-creepy way, of course.

  • well usally pretty girl who isn't a dumba**slut is nice or at least that's what I go for


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