Girls, "Girls" swimwear on a male body?

So, I'm a bit genderfluid, basically, that means I have days I feel more girly and days I feel more guy-y in my personality. Sometimes that translates to my presentation, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, when it translates to my presentation, I'm not thinking about swimming, instead, I'm just throwing on a pair of girls jeans and possibly a girls top and going out like that. I don't have much desire to physically alter my body to be more in either direction (guy or girl), all I know is that I have a bit of a girlish thigh and butt section.

What I'm curious about is, the idea of wearing girls swimwear. I've already been out before wearing girls swim shorts. The idea of the swim shorts doesn't bother me all that much actually. I do have a pair of guys trunks, for those times when I *need* to be in guys swimwear. One thing I have given thought to, but am wanting some other opinions on, something like a bikini bottom. Now, I'm not talking about the string bikini style that most girls wear, nor am I talking about the really high rise style that Taylor Swift was pictured wearing a few years ago. What I'm referring to is something about halfway between those two, something that reaches approximately the same height most jeans do.

If it helps you in picturing my build, I'm about 5'9", between 175-180 lbs (but am trying to alter my diet and physical activity to lower that number down maybe 5 or 10 lbs). I, realistically, have no thigh gap (part of why I tend to not like guys trunks, so much wet fabric that just stays pressed together). I have been told I have a really nice butt, for a guy.

So, is this a stupid idea or one that could hold water? I'm mainly seeking girls opinions since, well, I feel like they would have a better idea of how "their" swimwear "should" fit and be worn.


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  • So like boy shorts bikini bottoms?

    • Possibly, but (I'm not sure if this is the right term) also maybe a hipster with a slightly more moderate rise.

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