Is anyone here having industrial piercing?

I am thinking of getting industrial piercing, so can you tell me:

-pain scale 1-10
-complexion of healing and taking care of it
-how sensitive it is
-what kind of jewelry can you use
-does it bleed much?
-your experience with it


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  • I got mine done a couple years ago. It didn't really hurt or bleed but I dont mind pain so I dont know if my rating on a scale of 1-10 will help you lol. I think it took a couple months to heal. I use the long industrail bar for mine but have used the barbells for eyebrow piercings in them. Its only sensitive after getting it done. I lay on my sides when sleeping and barely feel it or any discomfort.

    • Did you exercise with it? Im worried because i have good prof on PE and she makes us do a lot of work and we sweat a lot so that worries me a bit

    • I have and nothing has ever happened. If you are worried that someone may pull on it/smack it or afraid of losing it after it heals try using two barbells (for eyebrows) and that should help.

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  • Don't bother. So many guys are put off! You'll limit your choice of guys.

    Your choice!

    • Oh yeah since my goal in life is to please males because that is clearly only womans purpose

    • No, it's not. Do whatever you want to do. Be what you want to be. But think of YOUR future before you do anything. So many girls on GAG, and elswhere, don't. I don't think anyone is that bothered what you do, least of all, me!

    • Okay then i apologise for attacking you i missunderstood your comment.

      Well its a piercing i maybe even won't get. I dont really think it can't do much harm to my future. It can always heal and i can wear more subtle jewelry. Its on my ear and you dont usually have problems with those in work and such things

  • Why do girls feel they need to make holes in their body
    God made one hole and that's Enough

  • What is that like having a mechanical fastener stuck in your face or something?


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  • I have mine you can see it inky profile pic to see how it looks.
    I've had belly, 3 lobe, conch, industrial, tongue, lip, nose, and septum and of them the industrial hurt the most- 9/10. However, my friends all thought it was not that bad and my mom also thought the same so maybe mine was done in a wrong way of something.
    Healing time can be anywhere from 1-3 months but you should always soak your ear In a salt water solution and rub chamomile tea on your ears during the process.
    As for jewelry, you can use any because it's basically two piercings so you can even put in two different rings though for it to be a standard industrial piercing you should only wear a barbell. I wear it as a barbell but my friend took it out and started stretching it and it also looks cool.
    As for bleeding, it will bleed more than the lobe piercings because of the area the piercing is in but not as much as some facial piercings.

  • I've been told that it doesn't hurt much. Then again, I do not know since I only have my lip-pierced and that didn't hurt at all.

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