How can I grow my natural hair out while keeping it looking neat?

I have very very curly hair and i been trying to grow it back to the way i had it when i was 16. But the problem it this seems to take too long and when ever i get a shape up to make my hair look neat it's 3x shorter then i had it when i walked in. people tell me to pick my hair which i do but it just looks like a crazy messy it's only ever looks neat after i take a shower. All i want is to try having long hair agin n if i dont like it then ill cut it


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  • I had my hair dyed black, and I'm a natural light blonde. I have wavy hair, and the best thing I can recommend is after having a shower try to use a hair drier and a brush to help control it. If you use the hair dryer, brush it throughly while it's still wet from the shower, then take a round bristled brush (not the plastic ones) and use that with the hair drier on your hair. It should help smooth it, and make it easier to style.

    Another idea is to pin it up while it's wet from the shower. This way if you kinda curl pieces around your fingers (even if it's shorter) and leave bobby pin it in a kind of mini curl, keep it like that until it's dry fully. When you remove the bobby pins, run your fingers through the curls to loosen them. it'll look like you curled your hair, and it'll be more neater, like a lot of effort was placed into the style.

    Other than there, I am aware of some hair creams and stuff specifically for really curly hair that helps keep the curl and lose the frizz. Growing your hair out is never fun, but style it in different ways that work for you. Wear head bands, use bobby pins, straighten it, curl it, pin it back in sections, use a curl-enhancing mousse to scrunch it up, etc. There's many thing you can do, you just have to give it a try and hopefully you'll find a few styles that are easy, and work best for you!

    • So this will work even through am a guy? What hair creams can i use? and thank you so much for putting so much thought in your reply.. eveyone says i look good with short hair but its about what i want not them. But does suck looking like hell 247 lol

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    • Thank you very much lol sorry for the late reply didn't pay my phone bill yet.

    • Lol that's okay, I'm just happy I could help. :)

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  • Wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf maybe?

    • It's not that long now lol its a small afro but maybe ill try it u never known.

    • It saves it from pillow friction, might work well 😁

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