Out fit. black stone necklace. Beige & white crochet V neck crop top w/ bell sleeves. Light blue denim jeans. >>What color bra & shoes?

Black stone necklace. Beige & white crochet V neck knitted crop top w/ bell sleeves. Light blue denim jeans.

I am going to wear a criss cross sports bra under the shirt- otherwise it will be revealing.

As for colors

Bra- white beige taupe black other?

Shoes - Beige taupe black other?


I had to make a quick stop at the closest clothing store to my place, bc i'm locked out of my place and i have a casual date. (Clothes im wearing are not an option- restaurant work mishap. Plus my shoe broke. All fantastic timing lol)

After searching (I'm on the very small side) I luckily found Shirt Jeans Shoes in my size, in the colors i listed. Im good on the shit and jeans, style of shoes and bra. I just can't decide which color shoes & bra to buy. I listed the choices.

How does it wok. is it weird if my under shirt and shoes match or is that coordinating. And should the under shirt be different color with the over shirt for contrast or should they be the same color maybe different shades?

If no one answers i guess ill go beige -bc its simplest.


We are just going to be walking around in the warm night through the park and down town maybe listen to music outdoors.

  • Beige bra/ Beige shoes
  • Black bra / Black shoes
  • Taupe bra / Taupe shoes
  • White bra / Beige shoes
  • Other.
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The shirt has holes it will be see through to my nipples if i wear no bra so bra is a must.. lilac bra and lilac underwear is an option. too.

im going to match underwear and bra -bc i always do- but its not really relevant bc my clothes aren't coming off tonight :)

I just need #BRA and #SHOE color :-)
Thanks guys./ i wrote beige with black shoes black bra. i canceled bc it was getting too late and i didn't want him thinking i was about sex. but the outfit was nice i was very comfortable and felt cool ;-)

next time he should ask in advance ;p


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  • 1) no bra
    2) black bra

    • Thanks:)

      I have to wear a bra. bc it'll be see through otherwise. the shirt has holes :)

      What about shoe. black i guess?

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    • ohh well i want to take it one day at a time. I've liked him for so long (maybe im in love. can't tell nothing to compare it to but i have strong feelings for him for several months or more) but i kind of screwed things up -not on purpose its just hard for mw to be open affectionate say how i feel and i kind of ended up just voiding him bc i liked him which is dumb i know. we were dating then so he was more than a bit pissed hurt. took a year to be friends again and weve been on the verge of dating for a few months.. and he just showed up today kind of dressed up and asked me to come spend time with him. WPRST day to do it lol evertythings a mess. but i understand he's nervous to ask in advance bc of how things blew up before so i accepted.

      anyhow im usr going slow trying to re earn his trust. thats why i am being careful to not give him wrong impressions. i dont want him feeling like i tricked him or i can't be trusted .. trying to be consistent here. thats why all the 'making sure;'.

    • just be smart dont be silly with his feelings and flaunt your sexuality ahhah

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  • White bra / Beige shoes


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  • black bra black shoes

    • thanks its what i wore :)

  • Wear a bright colored bra or no bra at all and then wear brightly colored panties

    • w hy bright?

      plus the short has holes so i have to wear a bra:)

      i can do lilac. i dont really go bright but i like how beige and lilc look together. its soft.

    • Bright bras are always sexier. And lilac would look good
      I personally don't like beige colored underwear but you wear what you think would look best