What hairstyle should I wear to school tomorrow?

Yeah, I'm going back to school tomorrow (sadly) and I need a quick hairstyle and I can't choose which one to do for my hair.

  • Bow Bun
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  • Double Buns
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  • Ballerina Bun
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I guess the ballerina bun it is.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why do you wanna bun it up at all lol?

    But I say ballerina bun for sure.

    • I would let my hair out, but I might block my classmates from seeing the board, and Florida's humidity is crazy lol

    • Hahaha indeed! Jax, fl guy here and humidity sucks lol.

      Well now I understand :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • That isn't a ballerina bun though. That is just a neat bun. A ballerina bun is a bun that sits in a direct line with the face, tied very tight and close to the head, often pinned down and a net is used to keep it all in place.


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