Am I just extra ugly?

Sometimes I will be at school and walk past a group of attractive girls coming in the opposite direction. I act like I'm not looking at first (don't want to add to their already inflated ego), but then I sneak a peak and they just are stubbornly looking forward ignoring me.

Is this normal? Or does that mean they find me unattractive? Or is it possible they are just doing the same thing I do?


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  • Chances are they are probably upset about something. Are you sure they are looking at you? Because I have been put in the awkward situation where I have made a face at a thought or something someone said to me and I happen to be looking at someone haha..

    • No, the problem is they AREN'T looking at me.

    • Oh. Well in that case, for the most part when girls are in groups, they are busy talking amongst themselves. Just because they don't look at you doens't mean you are ugly. I mean yeah, it's easy to feel that way when you feel that no one is looking at you (trust me, I've been there). It's all in your walk and indifference, which is what makes guys attractive to girls.

    • In situations like this, they are almost always talking. So I guess that could be it.

What Guys Said 1

  • dont take it personally... chances are they are too preoccupied to notice. Checking out a girl means nothing unless she sees you doing it... then her reaction will indicate whether she's interested

    • Thanks, but it's hard not to take it personally. I'm not amazing looking, but it is still a kick to my confidence when I walk past a group of girls and it seems they don't even notice me.

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