Does anyone on here make clothes?

People don't understand how hard making clothes is. The "Cut" of even a simple t-shirt can be complicated and difficult to figure out.

But people don't understand how much work goes into making clothes, especially on an industrial scale.

I have always wanted the perfect hoodie. One thin enough to fit under my jackets, for the hood to have a heavy material that has enough extra on the end to stop the rain from getting in my face but it needs to be cut in such a way that it won't come off my head when I run or if there is a gust of wind.

Where do I find someone to help me create this? Who has the skill to come up with a design with me and tailor it to me. Whoever is this person, join me and you will be rewarded with honor and wealth.


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  • My husband does custom leatherwork. He primarily makes things other than clothing, but he can absolutely make bespoke clothing (from either leather or fabric) if he wants to.
    He's made me a couple of custom pieces, for birthdays and such. One dress that he made me -- a short dress made almost completely out of leather guitar straps -- took him more than 30 hours of total work, so, I definitely appreciate the amount of effort that *can* possibly go into these things.

    Yr comment about "especially on an industrial scale" is ironic, though -- because those kinds of clothes take LESS work, in terms of production, than one-off custom handmades.
    I mean, yeah there are some demanding decisions that need to be made pre-production -- the designers have to choose fit models for the different sizes (including the kind of silhouette they want the garment to have), and they generally have to make a pattern that can lay flat (otherwise won't work with most high-production industrial machines). But, any pattern made for large-volume production is ultimately going to be pretty simple.

    In any case, I know plenty of key people in clothing supply chains here in Los Angeles.
    If this is a SERIOUS thing -- like, if you actually have either (1) a pre-production design ready to go, or (2) some concrete specs *and* some money to invest in having an initial design drawn up -- then I can give you some names/contacts.
    But, you'd have to have at least those things. And probably also some cash for an initial production run, and some sort of viable plan for how you'd advertise and market yr brand.
    Do you have these things?


    For what it's worth, I'm a bit skeptical of the idea of a THIN hoody with a hood that's "made of heavy material". That might work out OK if the hood was actually on yr head, but, during the 97 percent of the time when it's NOT on yr head, it seems like the weight of the hood might just yank the front of the shirt up around yr neck.

    • Well, the weight difference I wouldn't want to be crazy. When I say heavy, I'm talking like maybe the same material with hems near the end to create the kind of weight I'm looking for.

      So far as a new material goes, maybe something for the crown. I don't have a pattern. I need to meet someone who could draw it up for me but I do have some ideas for cuts that I think would help solve some of the problems. I've gotten ideas from just looking at various clothes I've worn and appreciating the way it was put together.

      I don't know how much this stuff costs and unless this comes out to thousands, I don't think I'm gonna be very motivated to sell. I read an article talking about how someone had jeans made from scratch for $350. If someone spends $350 on pants why is it that you can't do similar with a hoodie?

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    • Yes, that's the hoodie from American Giant. They claim thatg their fit is the best one. I think that's probably a ton of horse shit. They probably just made a hoodie with nicer materials than normal. I hear they run small. I'm thinking something more customized than that.

    • Well, whatever you can create, I'm sure a market could be created for it, with the right kind of PR people. (:

      Networking is SUPER important with this. The right PR people can totally make or break a start-up, especially in a field as unforgiving as clothing (remember, you're making an end product that doesn't even qualify for copyright or trade protection).

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  • My wife is an extraordinary seamstress. She can make anything solely based on seeing it. Doesn't require a pattern


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  • Look up Giannyl on youtube, her vids used to be my fave when I was a teen.


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  • Yes, I agree making clothes is hard.

  • On an industrial scale, it's a lot easier than custom works.

  • no... but maybe if i could i would