What are you guys most comfortable in? What do you think compliments you the most?

The title pretty much says it all, what're you most comfortable in, and what do you think compliments your body/makes you more confident in public or in general when wearing it?

I'm most comfortable in either sweatpants & no shirt or just boxers & no shirt
I'm most confident or feel that a tank-top & jeans compliment me the most, or even tank-top & shorts ( don't like shorts much though I feel the compliment me )

Lets be honest though, you guys are always hot as fuck. You fawkin' G@GGERS


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  • I'm most comfortable in my robe with my memory foam house slippers. I like being naked or wearing a cozy, ugly bra and some boy short styled panties with cool satin caressing my skin.

    Dresses compliment my shape the most. Typically ones with a low neck line that cinch at the waist because I have a very pronounced collarbone with a beauty mark right it and my shoulder and I have a tiny waist.

    • wait what? lol * a beauty mark right between it and my shoulder etc.

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  • I don't really care what I'm wearing, It's just clothes to me regardless of the style.

    I can wear really tight fitting clothes like skinny jeans and smaller shirts or I can wear normal shorts and plain old t-shirts and normal jeans or sweatpants. Like I said, I don't really care what I wear or what friends or total strangers think of what I've got on.

    • It's not about what others think about what you've got on it's a question about what you think of yourself with what you've got on

    • It doesn't make me feel better about myself. its just cloths to me.

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  • Jeans and a polo or t-shirt that is slim/tailored to show off my newly obtained muscles

    • its hot when a guy has his polo collar up

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    • no way, it looks really hot on a guy especially if he has a long, thick neck and a strong jaw. you should totally do it :p

    • you should check out the pictures in my very first question. those guys look great with their collar up

  • Boots and suits

    • You confuse me. Okay though. (:

    • Well ideally it would be like A Tan blazer or suit with a white dress shirt, jeans and tan chealsa boots

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