I dyed my hair black and I dont like it-how to lighten it?

I ddnt dye my hair already for 4 month, they grew halthy and had my natural light brown hair (shade 6). But i wanted to darken them a little and i bought hair color (shade 5.0) and dyed them.
It turned out almost jet black and i dont like myself with that dark hair... But i am afraid to damage it by lighten them...
What should i do? Wait several month until the color fade away and they dye it lighter or dye it lighter right now?


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  • keep it natural


What Girls Said 2

  • yes you should wait.
    The only solution would be to bleach it if you did it right now. It's already been weakened by the dye. If you bleach it on top of it, your hair will be way too damaged.
    What you can do it wait at least three or four month and try then product that helps take the bye out. I've heard of a product that does the job well and avoid bleaching. Though, I don't recall the name

    • yes i ll probably wait, dont want to damage them

  • I'd bleach my hair. But tbh I'd love to have jet black hair.

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