Can you give me ideas on youthful hairstyles, fashion, etc for women?

What helps women look younger?

Hair - one length hair or cut into layers?
Full, side or no bangs at all?
Middle parting or to the side?
Long, short or medium length hair?

Skirts and dresses - mini, midi or maxi?
Shoes - ballet flats, sneakers or high heels?

Makeup - eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss or eyeliner and lipstick?

What else makes women look more youthful?


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  • It really depends on you, but I will say, not bangs. No one wears bangs anymore. You'll look like you're in the 80s or 90s.

  • Not to much make up , just some eyeliner, hair full down with no bangs but covering over your one eye a little or look really young and have pig tails, lol. Wear a maxi dress and sneakers and that should do it


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