Has anyone shopped online at ROMWE before?

Are the clothes really good? Do the sizes REALLY mean what they actually mean?
I don't want to waste my money again buying things online and they don't come out as expected.


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  • Dont like it. Ugly clothes

    • any good online clothing stores you recommend?

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    • They fit fine and were super cute. Im tall but I'm quite thin

    • That's good then. Thank you very much for telling me about the store

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  • I've heard that site is a scam.

  • I bought a cute jumper there and the sizing and everything was good but I had to redo the stitching myself since it kept coming out. After that it was fine though.

  • Don't do it. Horrible service and the clothes are not made of good quality.

    • any good online clothing stores you recommend then?

    • Forever21 never seems to fail. They have a wide variety of options that fit an array of styles. Charlotterusse. com is also very good. Alloy is a pretty good site but it can be a bit expensive. They have great quality of clothing.

    • Thank you very much!