What is the truth?

I feel like my looks are appealing to some people and unappealing to others. I've been named a lot of things from retard to fag to good looking to hot to average to cute and of course ugly/repulsive which hurts me the most. From everything I gather, it's mostly the people on the internet telling me I'm ugly and average and people in person tell me I'm average and good looking but nobody in person ever told me that I'm ugly to my face. I guess they don't want to hurt my feelings compared to the internet people who don't know me and don't give a crap if they say I'm ugly.

I feel like I was a cute kid. Could of it been puberty that turned things around? You can't say that I wasn't a cute kid as it's fact in my book but what about now as a 25 year old grown man? How do I look like now? The past is the past. Do I look manly, boyish, pretty boy or just neutral? How would you define my face as it's the most important thing on our exterior. When you first meet someone for the first time, they usually look at your face first before your body. A face can say a lot about a person. I will meet all kinds of people that have very different opinions from each other. Some will find me cute and others, meh.. But can you actually tell me the fact about my face or is it impossible to say? Finally see me in the link below. The video might be a bit strange as I act strange in my videos. You can also watch my hockey trick videos if you want. I can sure be fucking proud of myself with the near-impossible hockey tricks I pulled off despite being ugly if that's the case. Thanks and get back to me.


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  • You're alright-looking , but you act quite weird in your video.


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  • While many here won't agree with me , many others will. A person who puts a lot of stock in others opinions more often than not live miserable lives by others hands. What you perceive yourself to be is more importiant than what any of us think. If you see yourself as ugly then that is what you project on others and it is how others will see you. If you put on the I'm not bad looking and I'm ok with me persona , others will see a level of confidence that will sway their way of thinking too. Confidence draws positive people your way

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