What would you think of a guy in short shorts?

I am working on a sociology project where I am trying to figure out why girls are allowed to wear guy's clothing, but the reverse is not true.

So... answer the question. Especially girls.


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  • Honestly I would think it's weird, but the fact that I think it's weird is also weird cause you bring up a good point. I think it was a lot to do with women being the "weaker sex." When girls wear something boyish it can be looked at like she's a tomboy and she's tough, something that can be positive cause she's making herself stronger. If guys wear girls clothes it makes them more feminine and therefore weaker. I think it's also important to remember that women fought to wear pants, it wasn't always acceptable, so maybe it's just a matter of time before all clothing is gender neutral. Cool project :)

    • This is similar to my working theory, which is that our code of masculinity prevents most guys from wearing girls' clothing, but there is no similar code of femininity that prevents the opposite from happening. But women did not have to fight to wear pants. When Hitler came along, American housewives decided to wear their husband's pants instead of buying new clothing (it was supposed to save fabric). No fighting was needed; it was simply by a historical accident.

    • That came later, when bloomers were invented to wear under dresses, people frowned upon them because it was too similar to pants even though they still wore a dress/skirt over top. Then came an outfit meant to bike in that brought women one step closer to pants, then when women joined the workforce it finally became excepted.

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  • I do see guys in short shorts. I don't really care if they do it, it's not like I think it's wrong, I'm just not attracted to guys' legs, so I have no interest in seeing more. When it comes to girls, don't guys generally like seeing their legs?

    • Where do you see guys in short shorts, outside of athletics?

    • Short shorts are rare in athletics these days, too, but I do mostly see guys in short shorts when they're working out.

  • It's probably because school officials ( Male Teachers ) don't mind seeing girls in shorts, but don't care for guys, and because guys don't shave there legs, and it just doesn't look appealing, but I wouldn't mind if guys wore girl things, as long as they had the body for it, just not skirts lol.

    • What do you mean, having the body for it?

      And what's wrong with guys in skirts... it seems that it would be less revealing.

    • I'm just saying if you are really tall wearing a short skirt isn't the way to go. (:

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  • I've never understood this phenomena. Doesn't seem fair on guys who like to wear dresses, high heals (there are a few of you out there, admit it), even in my country, there was a man who was fired from the police force for wearing a dress...

    I suppose you can also turn it back and say, why are guys allowed to go bear chested in public...

    • Yeah I agree; that's why I chose this topic. And guys really aren't allowed to go bare-chested (only on beaches) because it's not really socially acceptable; most public accommodations refuse service to topless guys, but will willingly serve a girl in high heels and a miniskirt. There is no legal difference; in the United States, legally women are also allowed to go bare-chested because of the Equal Protection Clause, for example.