I think its going slow girls guyz plz answer

i have a boyfriend but I think were slow link 1 mph. we have been going out with each other for about 3 week to a month and I think it should go a little faster not like making out but like a least something we have hugged but nothing else we've known each other for 2 years I really like him but we've should have done something else by now he told one of my bff he wanted to kiss me but he didn't do it I think he was scared and I don't know what to do I want to hold his hand or something


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  • i think holding his hand would be okay. I wouldn't push the kissing thing because some guys are actually turned off by what they perceive to be an "overly aggressive woman".

    and after all.taking it slow is the best way to go about it. it allows you to get to know one another without all the complexities of emotions that come with sex.

    enjoy this time.the build-up to the romantic/sexual aspects are always under-rated and are the BEST part!

    good luck!