What do you think would look better?

I'm either going to get three Dermal Anchors around my collar bone area or both of my nipples pierced.

I'm torn because I can't decide which one I want to get done but at the same time I know that I can't get both because then it would just look excessive and it would be way to much metal around the chest area.

Also I currently have spider bites(double piercings on the right side of my lip) and my belly button pierced, although I might take out the belly button piercing.

I was just wondering what you guys think would look better, the nipple piercings or the dermals?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nipple peircings probably look better and probably feel better too... dermals are a little different. and you can put them in all sorts of places neck etc stomach personally I would prefer nipple peircings but its up to you if you want to be different and make a statement its not like you can't take them out...


What Girls Said 1

  • well, you need to take into consideration that dermal anchors are nothing short of permanent. their removal is fairly painful. However, nipple piercings are also very painful. I would look into the risk of infections. I would assume that a nipple infection would be harder to heal, and far more painful. However, dermal anchors are also hard to heal if they are brushed over often.

    As far as looks, the dermal anchors are more sexy and show that you aren't afraid to take a little pain lol. but they are more apparent. If you want to be more private about your bad-girl style, pierce what doesn't show.