Getting colored contacts tomorrow, what color should I get?

I'm not really worried about it being 'natural looking' I just wanna do something fun. If I want natural, Ill take them out.

So my eyes are dark brown with flicks of gold/red. What colors do you suggest? I'm considering purple, green, red, and... Yeah that's about all I can think of so far. My mom has a pair of blue ones I could borrow so I'm not worried about that color unless I was going to go for something icy looking.

So any suggestions of colors, shades or even on taking care of them? Thanks for your time (:

Also my hair is auburn brown but I dye it a dark brown or dark red often. It's a little past my chin. (not that I'm sure length really matters...?)

Thanks again :-p
I went with ice blue, thanks for the ideas though :)


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  • try freaky like cats eyes of the alien look, great for nightclubs or parties...


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  • hmm... well I think that the cat eyes ones would look cool or the "x" ones those are fun

    for a more regular type of eye (even tho you said your not worried about the natural thing) realllly light blue eyes look great on guys (especially with dark hair) =-) good luck choosing lol

  • try these:


    they're fun colors