"I don't want to look desperate".

I just read this post link I'm sitting here wondering why do so many girls use the title as an excuse to not ask a guy the like out?

When has telling someone you like them turn into being "desperate"?!?!?!?!


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  • Well there are a couple of reasons why girls might say this. The most obvious is that they are scared of being rejected so they don't ask first. Secondly some girls have old fashioned traditional mindsets that guys must be the first to initiate everything to do with dating while the girls sit back passively. Likewise they may be getting mixed messages that displaying interested in a guy comes across as needy or clingy which is something we are constantly discouraged from doing. Worst of the worst, they may use this saying as an excuse not to go out with you, but hopefully that isn't the case :)

  • because some girls still want to be "won". we want a guy to ask us out and make us feel wanted. asking him out eliminates that...


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