What do girls think of male poets?

Girls: What do you think of a male poet?

Guys: What do you think when one of your best buddies writes poetry?


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  • I have some very poetically awesome "buddies", as you would call them, and they write some pretty awesome stuff weather it be about the day they had or some f***ed up dream or just something that is plain. One of them can turn the normal phrase, "That computer is slow" into something that could turn into a 5 minute comedy act. Don't know how he can do it but it is interesting to watch and listen to. Final sumation! When me and my "buddies" get together and get all inspired and stuff we come up with something totally life changing or so stupid that it seems smart when you actually think about it. Check out my page. Might find something interesting. If you have anymore questions please ask. P.O.R.N. = Peace Out Right Now.

  • Provided it's actually good and not just emo-style teenage angst poetry I'd be impressed.