What signs should I look for?

OK, I'm REALLY bad at telling when a girl likes me. I was just wondering what signs I should be looking for when a girl likes a guy. I have missed a few chances because I am so bad at this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • A better approach to this situation. Is to use comedy/bantering/teasing/flirting to an advantage.. check this:

    - She keeps staring at you from afar. You walk over to her and say: "Usually staring makes people offended; but I don't know about you, I might consider it many things."

    - She walks up next to you in a conversation between you and your friends.. You touch her arm and say "Josh, it's been great talking, but my wife and I are about to get married. I'll talk with you another time".. Then tell her thanks for rescueing you and how he doesn't shut up.. blah blah blah


    These are things that you can use to an advantage that scream comedy towards the other person, which is extremely attractive; and it shows that you are comfortable with being yourself around her, which is your confidence shining through too. Ultimately, it hopefully makes the person your talking to smile, but you'll need the whole package if you are looking to date a woman. This is one of those things that's a building block for your personality. ;) Use it wisely

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Worry not Jon-Boy! We shall endeavor to educate!

    One key to remember is that there will rarely be a single instance, look or event; They often come in patterns and as such should be looked for in patterns. Don't take a single event and make a whole attraction,(unless it's as blatant as her saying "Go out with me" or even "Have my baby") it's like each thing is a word and you need to make a full sentence to know anything.

    Also, remember to look at not just what was done, but in what context.

    I've always felt that looks are very common and fairly easy to read signal. Does she watch you, look at you often? When you catch eyes with her, does she duck shyly or smile or even just keep staring? You can even look in her eyes and see what her feelings are; If she really likes you, you can see it in her eyes when she looks at you.

    Their reaction to you and you looking at them is also a good indicator. Blushing, giggling and trying to escape/hide behind her friends (not to be confused with "Oh-god-keep-him-away-from-me", remember: Patterns) are all indicators of possible embarrassment/attraction.

    If you happen to already be friends/talk with them there are also other signs. Trying to stand/sit near you, smiling at you (yes, look at the feeling/reaction when they first see you), and then there is the whole myriad of verbal flirting. If she seems nervous, excited or embarrassed that you're near this may be a sign, when taken with other things.

    Umm yeah, need any more?

  • Laughs at nearly everything you say is a very good indicator(even if its not that funny)

    playing with her hair

    she bumps into you at all kinds of places you mentioned/she knows you hang out

    she leans forward when your talking and always seems very interested in what you have to say

    she keeps looking at you when she talks when there's more people then just you nearby

    she smiles a lot, try checking her out and see if she smiles.. If she smiles its a great indicator

    she never busy for you(can include canceling plans just to hang out with you or even talk with you)

    she uses "we should do that sometimes" A LOT.

    she'll be nervous when your around

    these are some.. tho keep in mind for shy girls, she'll avoid eyecontact more then actually looking at you when she talks and stuff...

    • What about if she looks at me a lot when I'm not looking, and then turns away when I am?

    • Thats another one... there's about 100 more tho, I can't say I know them all but these are some of the more obvious ones.