Why are people so opposed to Men wearing skinny jeans or even Womens jeans that aren't girly looking?

Listen, first you need to understand jeans come from plant fibers and man made material, so your wearing plants which sounds silly but we still do it. So material is the same for men and women.

Second, material aside, there are very few differences in men and women's jeans and men's skinny jeans.
Womens jeans do have a smaller pocket, smaller zipper, lower rise, and some bigger in the hips because most women have large hips/thighs. Rise and style vary like mens jeans so technically men could still wear women's jeans if finding the correct fit and rise for their body. Take the women's decal away and they can look nearly identical as men's jeans. It's all how you style with your outfit.

The same for men's skinny jeans. You could wear super skinny, or a loose fit waist with skinny leg fit but not skin tight more like a loose look. No they don't hurt a mans balls if you buy the correct fit. Some jeans have more flex so you now can run in them with little leg movement restriction, too tight is never healthy for anyone.

So why is wearing them frowned upon? I'm tall and thin. My legs are long, I have worn loose women's jeans and men's skinny, hearing people say skinny people shouldn't wear skinny because you look thinner makes no sense women do it all the time. For Men we wear loose shirts so this balances our outfit with thin jeans. If these are being sold clearly people buy them, and it's no longer a "gay" style. Years ago men wearing pink or purple was seen as gay, but now straight men wear them to business work or even casual shirts, nobody cares anymore styles always change.

I like the way some women's jeans fit my odd body measurements like Levis or American Eagle, and some styles of men's skinny jeans are comfortable and I don't have to pull them up like regular men's jeans that are so heavy in material and weigh me down lol.

I wear women's boyfriend and bootcut and got more compliments in them then mens jeans from girls, I am tall and thin body type. Plus it shows confidence in myself to wear different things and be bold. The only issue is the rise you need a belt but that no problem.


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  • There are always going to be things that you want to wear that other people will bitch about. If it's safe healthy and situation appropriate just wear it.

    • This is for casual dressing, going out or things like that. I'm worried girls will reject me as a boyfriend because I like to wear this.

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    • But you just said some people will always complain and wear what I want, yet your telling me not to wear it? Will every girl hate I wear them?

    • You know how I said it was important to dress for the situation? This is one of those situations.

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  • I wear skinny jeans once and a while but then again I don't give a shit if girls like it. Besides my best friend still wears skinny jeans ( and they are girl jeans that are to small) long after his emo phase and he still hooks up with girls that you'd think wouldn't be with him. So really most girls don't really give a shit, none of the girls that me or him associate with care.

    • Do you think your friend would be considered good looking and girls look past what he wears for that reason?

    • I wouldn't say he's super good looking but yes girls think he's hot. though because life sucks he is loosing his hair so we'll see how that plays out in the future.

      Why do you think you're not good looking? I mean I'm not what you'd call hot but it's never harmed me having girls be interested before regardless of how I dress.

    • I've posted pics here and rarely did a girl even say I'm average most said I'm below average. So an ugly guy wearing skinny jeans I guess is going to be rejected by most girls.

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  • Who said that men wearing skinny jeans was frowned upon? It doesn't really bother me. People are entitled to wear what they want.

  • skinny jeans are ok on men

  • They are idiots

  • Because wearing women's jeans makes you look too feminine. They are made of a lighter, softer and thinner material. They are also designed to fit your body like a glove. In many cases, the rise is small and not contoured to fit a guys thing in, and if he can, it looks like he doesn't have one.

    I don't really care, but I wouldn't be attracted to a guy who wore the same jeans as me. I like masculine guys.


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  • Lol it tends to be women who complain about men wearing skinny jeans, in the UK it's accepted though. The women's jeans thing i can understand, i wouldn't wear them.

    • Girls wear men's shirts and jeans, it's called being a tomboy. That's accepted. So reversing it shouldn't be different. Every person has their own unique style and it should be accepted not judged.

    • Yeah i agree it should be okay and accepted.

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