What makeup can I wear?

I'm 15, and I wear glasses. I just want a basic look, I don't wanna look too crazy. I'm not into the winged eyeliner stuff, any suggestions?


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  • I think a lot of girls just go with mascara for a more light, natural look. You could possibly do minimal eyeliner if you wanted something a little more than that. I used to use the pencil kind and just use it on the outer corners and blend it about halfway across my upper and lower lids very lightly, if that makes sense.

    • I have long eyelashes, so I don't think I need mascara for now. You mean tightlining right?

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    • Oh it's just lining the upper lid

    • Well on the inner eyelid

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  • my fave look for every day is:

    bb cream, bronzer, mascara and eyebrows filled in.

    it's sooo natural and easy and cute.

  • Mascara, waterline eyeliner, lip gloss, concealer. If you go on YouTube you can find some basic and natural makeup tutorials and they can give you some ideas. :)

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