Any tips on dying hair from a darker color to a lighter color?

I am going to dye my beard to match my hair color (if thats even possible). They sell special beard dye to dye it and i have seen some success stories so now i want to try it too, but i dont want it to get fucked up. from my profile picture you can see that my beard is darker, but in real life in the sun its really fiery red, like fucking red as fuck if that makes any difference.

Do you have some tips for me? I have never done this before and my knowledge on this is zero.


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  • Bleach... then TONE it. If your hair pulls yellow tones, use a purple toner.
    If it pulls orange use a blue toner! that will give it a healthy, natural lighter tone and gloss it up. I know it sounds a little feminine but if you want it to be nice- that's how. Go to Sally's Beauty Supply store if they're near you and they'll give you what you need for a good price and some advice.


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  • You have to bleach it first, which is a little tricky and can damage your hair if you aren't careful. But it can definitely be done. Watch some YouTube videos on hair bleaching beforehand. Hope you love your new hair color!

  • Bleach.

    • Like actual bleach water?

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    • Ok thanks for the tips.

    • You're welcome. I really suggest you get an actual hair stylist to do it because if done wrong bleaches and dyes can really mess up your hair.

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