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Why is it that society and all types of entertainment put the idea in a woman's head that the only type of beautiful is a size 2 with long blond hair and blue eyes?!?!? I have seen so many questions where a woman is saying "rate me" ?!?!? Men find all types of women attractive! So ? MEN , what do you find attractive, sexy or beautiful ? Or is society right and I've been wrong all these years ?


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  • If you were to go off nothing but physical attraction:

    Dark/Black straight and somewhat long hair

    Cute eyes. Color isn't a big deal.

    Don't really care about breast size

    On the short side


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  • Personally I like Latina and Asian women, but not just because of their looks. It's their culture and outlook on life that attracts me. Plus, they do dress well and like to show off...sure that's attractive!


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  • All guys don't find the same thing attractive. My brother for example isn't attracted to size 2 blond blue eyed girls. You can be sexy without looking how the media tells you More people need to think for themselves instead of letting some faceless guys in suits tell you how to think. This size 2 blond trend is only a recent phenomenon in mainstream culture...in the 40s, 50s, and 60s the women weren't all skinny blondes and they were considered sexy. in victorian times being chubby was considered sexy. so just because now the media is pushing a certain type doesn't make it the end all be all.

    • My point exactally !!!! Media propaganda doesn't get to dictate how I feel about myself ! We are ALL beautiful! BRAVO to the woman/men who can see past media BS!

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